Reblog-Be Heard

This is another Excellent and Resourceful reblog gone awry, please follow the link/links below, 


Reblog  <a href=””></a&gt;

I get so emotional and lost in links and my confusion and mistakes in reblogging, it’s sometimes hard to give credit where credit is due and credit is definitely due…

There are so many of us out there feeling lost and alone, the thing is there are just as many wonderful people out there, with so much helpful information. It’s just sometimes hard to find them. 

This is part of a reply I wrote to secretangel (another great uplifting blogger) 

I’m still getting the hang of WordPress and reblogging. Even though I follow you in My Reader, it seems to only show people who have liked, commented, or linked(?haven’t figure that feature out yet?) on my blog. As a matter of fact today’s mission is to reblog some wonderful information, I previously missed and came across by ChildrensRightsFL and Scott Adams ~ AFLA. Published back in September.Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ALL!!!!

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