Everyday I promise myself, Today's the Day, I will break out of the darkness of my memories and my pain of loss and my fear of criticism and start writing again.  Most days I just end up staring at that darn blinking dash, against an intimidating field of white.  I can't begin to express or… Continue reading Today 

Do you know which FL Senator and Rep to vote for? — Family Law Reform-reblog

Reblogged from Family Law Reform Today you hold the power. After the election, the power goes to the elected. While you still have the power, investigate the people wanting to represent you in Tallahassee. If you have similar values, vote for them. If not, DON”T VOTE FOR THEM. How can you find out? Click Here… Continue reading Do you know which FL Senator and Rep to vote for? — Family Law Reform-reblog

Forced into a corrupt family court system that functions to drain our money, time and future.

I was worried about adding an Anonymous video to a post of mine called Not Just Me I am overjoyed to find this post.

Family Court Reform

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Stop Complying - 2016We are parents, grandparents and children forced into a corrupt family court system that functions to drain our money, time and future.

When we speak up we are retaliated against by a system of lawyers and judges who take our children, our property and our dignity in an effort to silence us.

We are not fighting the fight they want anymore. We will not have moms fight against dads. We will not force children in the middle to broker solutions for adults.  We are not asking.   Expect Us.

For every good judge and lawyer, who helped, you will be praised. For every Anonymous whistle blower or Ghost Squad Hacker who helps us speak up and protect families and children, you will be thanked by  the success you help create.DivorceCorp - Family Court Bankruptsy - AFLA Blog 2016

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Reblog-Be Heard

This is another Excellent and Resourceful reblog gone awry, please follow the link/links below,; and/or Reblog  <a href=""></a&gt; I get so emotional and lost in links and my confusion and mistakes in reblogging, it's sometimes hard to give credit where credit is due and credit is definitely due... There are so many… Continue reading Reblog-Be Heard

FEAR… PTSD and Triggers (2 Tim. 1:7)

Once again an informative reblog from those better than me at putting words to the emotions……Thank you

Madison Elizabeth Baylis

FEAR!! Yesterday I wrote how most victims of abuse do not feel that any fear is fun or exciting like many do at Halloween. See FEAR… A “Thriller” to Some or a New Reality Show for Abuse Victims.  I know that victims who have lived with fear have a different outlook on fear than the general public.  Real fear is not fun. Real fear is not exciting. Real fear is not something that anyone really wants to experience.  The fear that I am talking about is the kind that makes your heart race, your hands shake, and makes you want to run and hide. The fear where you are constantly looking over your shoulder. The fear that even a phone ringing will send you into a panic.Panic! That’s the name. A fear so intense that a panic response is triggered by something that most people would not even think twice…

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